The Best Deal on the Internet

We truly believe that we offer more value to our customers than any other established watch company at a fraction of the cost. We challenge you to find an established watch company that offers a better deal at a lower price. If you do (we don't think you will) we will match their price. Please use the contact form to email us your findings (or not findings).

Every watch comes with 6 easily interchangeable straps. Our straps are made out of luxurious Italian leather and American canvas, some of the finest in the world, and are integrated with our quick release system. All of our watch cases are made out of premium stainless steel sourced from the USA. They are submergible up to 100 meters and the brushed finish gives the watches a refined look. We use reliable Swiss and Japanese movements, made by Ronda and Miyota, two highly respected movement makers. Lastly, the Campbell Model features sapphire crystal glass to showcase the beauty of the dial and its luminous hands; it’s scratch resistant and built to last. The Andy Model features hardened mineral glass.

In true millennial fashion, we knew that we wanted to use BJØRN to better the world around us, but we just didn't know how. This is why we decided to donate 10% of every watch sale to a children's philanthropy to help educate underprivileged children around the world.

Just for the record, NO, we did NOT increase the price of every watch by 10% to be able to do this. We just took a 10% pay cut. We get more satisfaction out of helping those around us than any quantity of money ever would.